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Flight Chain App - NTSB Aviation Accident Reports - Helping pilots learn from accident chains

Flight Chain App was founded with a lofty goal: to reduce general aviation accidents.

We kept hearing a common theme among pilots: the NTSB website isn't the friendliest to use. Changing pages and navigating through the site can be a hassle, especially on mobile.

More importantly, we were surprised by a flight instructor's observation who, after more than 40 years of flying, was amazed at how many pilots of various experience levels  —  from brand new student pilots to aviators with years of flight experience  —  aren't aware of the value of NTSB reports.

His comment struck a chord: not enough pilots understand the value of accident reports.

We started Flight Chain App to help fix that.

Pilots and accidents

Pilot-related causes account for about 75% of non-commercial fixed-wing accidents. That's according to the 26th Nall Report 2014, which notes "pilot-related causes figured more prominently among non-commercial than commercial accidents."

When looking at a larger trend in commercial aviation, another report noted that the accident rate in commercial aviation has been drastically reduced over the last 30 years.

How can general aviation mimic that trend?

Most accidents are preventable

Most aircraft accidents are caused by a chain of events rather than just one error. The vast majority of accidents are preventable. We want more pilots to realize that  —  by understanding decisions made in accidents  —  they can make better decisions, fly smarter, and be safe.

By offering more convenient access to NTSB reports, and making them easier to digest, Flight Chain App helps enhance situational awareness and influence good decision-making. Together we can drive down that general aviation accident trend.

There's an often-used phrase in aviation: a good pilot is always learning. Flight Chain App helps you go from where you are today  —  a good pilot  —  to where you want to be: a better pilot, a safer pilot.

Our goal

Flight Chain App's goal is to help make your flying life easier by giving you accident report information that's quicker to digest, which in turn gives you more time to devote to flying.

We're committed to reducing general aviation accidents, helping improve aviation safety, and growing the pilot population.

General aviation accident statistics noted above are from the Joseph T. Nall Report 2014, by the AOPA Air Safety Institute.

Flight Chain App - NTSB Aviation Accident Reports - Helping pilots learn from accident chains

Helping pilots learn from accident chains.

An easier way to read NTSB aviation accident reports.