Flight Chain App responds to user feature requests with new app updates

  • For Immediate Release
  • July 1, 2018

CINCINNATI, OH – Flight Chain App version 1.8 was recently released with new app improvements based on popular customer requests.

One of the top requested improvements, Flight Chain App now lets users search accidents by aircraft make and model.

In addition, users wanted to see aircraft make and model displayed on the accident report screen. Make and model are now displayed at the top of every accident report, so users don't have to read through the full report to identify which type of aircraft was involved.

"Customer feedback, especially from pilots, is critical to making Flight Chain App a product pilots can trust for convenient easy access to accident information," said Dan Sobczak, founder of Flight Chain App.

"The vast majority of accidents are preventable. By making accident reports more convenient and easier to read, pilots can learn what not to do, and be a safer pilot because of it," Sobczak added.

Also new in a previous update, Flight Chain App's Ahead of the Power Curve blog can be read right inside the app, making it easy to find content that helps pilots learn from others today so they can fly safe tomorrow.

Previous app updates based on user feedback have also brought improvements in both navigation and usability to make Flight Chain App easier to use.

Visit www.FlightChainApp.com for more information about the app.

About Flight Chain App

Flight Chain App is developed by Five Tango Victor Aviation, LLC. Established in 2017 and based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Flight Chain App is committed to reducing general aviation accidents, helping improve aviation safety, and growing the pilot population. Flight Chain App makes finding aviation accidents easier, so pilots can spend more time learning from them today and flying safe tomorrow. Flight Chain App gives pilots every NTSB aircraft accident report since 1982 in their pocket for convenient easy access. Basic features come with a one-time purchase download. Additional premium features require an in-app purchase via subscription options.

Flight Chain App - NTSB Aviation Accident Reports - Helping pilots learn from accident chains

Helping pilots learn from accident chains.

An easier way to read NTSB aviation accident reports.