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Study: ADS-B In is helping reduce the general aviation accident rate

  •  By Dan Sobczak
  • Editor's note: This content does not constitute flight instruction. Consult a certified flight instructor in your area for proper flight instruction.

AOPA recently published encouraging news about ADS-B In and its effect on lowering the general aviation accident rate:

A study that examined the effect of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) In on general aviation and air taxi accident rates found a significant reduction in the likelihood of an accident, which decreased by 53 percent, for aircraft equipped with ADS-B In. It also found that the likelihood of a fatal accident decreased by 89 percent for aircraft using ADS-B In."

That study, titled "Measured Impact of ADS-B In Applications on General Aviation and Air Taxi Accident Rates", is by D. Howell and J. King of the Regulus Group.

Read more from AOPA about this study and ADS-B In's positive effects on the future of aviation safety here.

As just about every pilot should know by now, the FAA's ADS-B mandate for January 1, 2020 says you must be equipped with ADS-B Out to fly in most controlled airspace. 14 CFR 91.225 and 14 CFR 91.227 provide the details on the requirement for the ADS-B receiver.

Conversely, the optional ADS-B In -- which the above-mentioned study focuses on -- can help enhance situational awareness and influence good decision-making, by making weather and traffic information available for pilots in the cockpit.

Just as "currency" doesn't mean "proficiency" when it comes to instrument flying, a similar thought could be said of the required ADS-B Out and optional ADS-B In.

Meeting the FAA's legal requirement of ADS-B Out is just one-half of the solution in helping make general aviation safer. If you don't have ADS-B In, you're missing out.

Going beyond the legal requirement and getting equipped with the optional ADS-B In is one element that will really help make a difference in lowering the general aviation accident rate in the long run.

FAA's NextGen implementation of the ADS-B Out deadline is set for January 1, 2020. Source:
  • FAA's NextGen implementation of the ADS-B Out deadline is set for January 1, 2020. Source:

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