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Your aviation goals and New Year's resolutions for flying in 2019

  •  By Dan Sobczak
  • Editor's note: This content does not constitute flight instruction. Consult a certified flight instructor in your area for proper flight instruction.

The holidays are nearing an end, and a new flying year is upon us. What are your flying goals in 2019? A new rating? Perhaps an instrument or commercial rating? How about mountain flying training to experience and learn about aircraft performance in density altitude situations?

A Cessna takes off among the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona at Sedona Airport (KSEZ). Photo by Dan Sobczak.
  • Where will general aviation take you in 2019? Photo by Dan Sobczak.

Whatever your aviation goals are in 2019, allow us to recommend these excellent resources:

  •  Rod Machado --
Rod is a fantastic ambassador for aviation and an excellent flight instructor. Rod was the voice of the flight lessons in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and is the author of popular instructional books. Laugh while you learn everything these is to know about getting your private pilot certificate, instrument rating and more.

  •  Jason Miller --
Jason over at Learn The Finer Points has one of the most recognized and well-respected aviation podcasts in the world, bringing you great tips on flying safe, interesting aviation stories, and offers an annual mountain flying training course.

  •  Jason Schappert --
Jason at has excellent short instructional videos great for student pilots and newly-minted private pilots (and frankly all pilots!) to keep your skills sharp and ahead of the power curve.

  •  Chris Palmer --
Chris at has an interesting approach to getting started on -- and keeping you on track to earn -- your instrument rating.

Whatever type of flying you do in 2019, we want you to do it safely.

Flight Chain App's goal is to help make your flying life easier by giving you aviation information that's quicker to digest, which in turn gives you more time to devote to flying.

Whether that's through using Flight Chain App to learn from NTSB accident report, or via posts, aviation stories and recommendations we share here in our Ahead of the Power Curve blog, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable year of flying in 2019!

Stay sharp!
The Flight Chain App team

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