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Celebrate Flight Chain App's first anniversary of providing NTSB aviation accident reports by month with... easter eggs?

  •  By Dan Sobczak
  • Editor's note: This content does not constitute flight instruction. Consult a certified flight instructor in your area for proper flight instruction.

In late November we released Flight Chain App version 1.11, marking our one-year anniversary of providing NTSB aviation accident reports by month on iPhone and iPad.

While this latest version 1.11 is a maintenance release that resolves a couple minor issues, we added some hidden easter eggs in version 1.11, to perhaps inspire your thinking about aviation safety. Can you find them?

We're passionate about general aviation safety. In the past 12 months, we've released 12 updates to Flight Chain App in our continued effort to improve the app and give you convenient, easy access to NTSB aviation accident reports, helping you become a better pilot.

Just last month, we added a new 'Trends' feature that brings new capabilities to the app to help you know how, when and why accidents are likely to happen so you can improve your decision-making skills.

In addition to these latest enhancements, previous updates to Flight Chain App brought other features to help make it easier to search and learn from NTSB accident reports. These releases included the ability to:

  •  search accidents by aircraft Make and Model (a popular user request)
  •  display aircraft Make and Model on accident detail screens, so it's easier to identify the aircraft type involved (another popular user request)
  •  read this blog right inside the app, giving you additional content to learn from others
  •  and we also added the ability to read the complete NTSB report to understand the history of the accident, to provide additional context when viewing the accident chain itself.

On short final for landing at Window Rock, Arizona (KRQE). Photo by Dan Sobczak.

We believe that pilots who regularly read accident reports are safer pilots. Flight Chain App's goal is to give you accident information that's convenient and easy to digest.

If there is more Flight Chain App can do in the next 12 months to make accident reports easier to learn from and help drive advances in general aviation safety, please let us know!

Stay sharp!
The Flight Chain App team

Flight Chain App and its companion blog are committed to reducing general aviation accidents, helping improve aviation safety, and growing the pilot population.

  • Dan Sobczak is the founder of, a mobile app that helps pilots learn from accident chains by making NTSB reports more convenient and easier to digest. Dan received his private pilot certificate in 2003.

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