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Celebrate Flight Chain App's first anniversary with... easter eggs?

  • November 2018

November marks our one-year anniversary! In the past 12 months, we've released 12 updates to Flight Chain App in our continued effort to improve the app and give you convenient, easy access to NTSB aviation accident reports for your iPhone and iPad. In our latest release, we've added some hidden easter eggs.


Flight Chain App releases new NTSB accident trends feature

  • October 2018

Reading accident reports can tell you how accidents happen and teach you what not to do. That's one reason we created Flight Chain App. But we kept wondering -- how can we reach more pilots with safety information, have more impact when we reach them, and help improve decision-making skills?


Aviation books to read that will help you fly safe

  • September 2018

As the saying goes, a good pilot is always learning. Steven Daun, the National Chief Pilot for American Flyers, recently wrote an article suggesting ways every pilot can learn something new. Here are three aviation books that can help you keep learning and fly safe on every flight.


Accident case study: Learning from the Apollo 13 accident timeline

  • August 2018

"Houston, we've had a problem." The Apollo 13 mission to the Moon in 1970 was a successful failure -- in that the crew returned safely to Earth but never made it to the Moon. But the explosion that jeopardized the crew's survival could have been avoided had it not been for two decisions early on.


Accident case study: Create your personal minimums checklist

  • July 2018

One of the most recognized aviation podcasts in the world is Jason Miller's The Finer Points. Earlier this year, Miller recorded an interesting podcast in which he discusses an accident where three top engineers from Tesla Motors died when they attempted to take off in 0/0 conditions.


Logging safety pilot time to help you stay ahead of the power curve

  • June 2018

As a flight instructor once told me, your private pilot certificate isn't just your license to fly. It is your license to learn. One way you can continue your education as a private pilot, and log some extra flight time while you're at it, is by flying as a safety pilot for an instrument rated pilot.

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Fighter pilot skills every aviator needs to have to fly safe

  • May 2018

Fighter pilots are some of the most skilled aviators in the world. But just because you're not a fighter pilot doesn't mean you can't borrow from their tool set. Whether you're a 100-hour general aviation pilot or a 10,000-hour commercial pilot, it behooves you to think like a fighter pilot in some key areas.


The meaning of 'Ahead of the Power Curve'

  • April 2018

In the early days of manned spaceflight, America and the Soviet Union were racing to be the first to launch a man into space. NASA had just been established in July 1958 as America's response to Sputnik, the first man-made satellite in space, courtesy of the Soviet Union.


Experience mountain flying (but get the proper training first)

  • March 2018

I once sat inside the cockpit of a Cessna L-19, a two-seater with a big engine and a climb rate more than double that of a Cessna 172. The Cessna's flight ended prematurely, however, going down vertically into gradually rising terrain, fatally injuring the pilot and passenger onboard. But I survived the two-seater's crash.


Helping pilots learn from accident chains

  • February 2018

Neil Armstrong once said: "You've got to expect things are going to go wrong. And we always need to prepare ourselves for handling the unexpected." That mindset applies to everything in life, from the extreme of exploring the Moon to the mundane of driving to and from work each day.


Discover the hidden benefits of learning to fly

  • January 2018

"It's clear that we're on the front end of something much larger than any of us can imagine." While astronaut Ed Gibson of Skylab 4 was speaking of space flight when he made that statement, his quote could be applicable to any new endeavor in life. Learning to fly is no exception.

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